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Triphenyl phosphate?COA Report
  • CAS No.: 115-86-6?
  • Molecular weight:326.29
  • Aliases:Phosphoric acid triphenyl ester;TPP
  • Molecular formula:C18H15O4P
  • EC No.:204-112-2
  • HS-No:2919900090
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.19175.010 Triphenyl phosphate CP250g

Appearance and properties:White, odorless, crystalline powder, slightly deliquescence.
Relative density(water=1) : 1.21
Relative vapor density(air=1): 9.42
Melting point(℃): 50.52
Boiling point(℃): 244(1.3kPa)
Concentration: Content:99.48%,Moisture≤0.3,Acidity (total phosphate)≤0.02v
Saturated vapor pressure: 0.01(20℃)
Solubility: disoluble in water,Slightly soluble in Alcohol, soluble in benzene, chloroform, acetone, soluble in ether.

Technical indicators:


Melting point(℃),(2℃) 47~50
Acidity(as H+),mmol/100g ≤0.3
Residue on ignition (as SO4) ≤0.1%
Free hydroxybenzene(as C6H5OH) ≤0.2%
water Pass
Test with potassium permanganate Pass

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