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D(+)-CellobioseCOA Report
  • CAS No.:528-50-7
  • Molecular weight:342.30
  • Aliases:4-beta-D-Glucopyransoyl-D-glucopyranose
  • Molecular formula:C12H22011
  • EC No.:208-436-5
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.18309.010 D(+)-Cellobiose BR5g
Characteristic: Appearance and properties:Colorless crystals
Melting point(℃):239(Decomposition)
Solubility:disoluble?inEthanol and ether, 1g disoluble in 8mL water, 1.5mL boiling.
Technical indicators:
Item BC
Specific rotation[α]20D +33.0o~+35.0o
Solubility test in water Pass
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