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Ammonium sulfate?COA Report
  • CAS No.:7783-20-2
  • Molecular weight:132.14
  • Aliases:Thiamine
  • Molecular formula:(NH4)2SO4

  • EC No.:231-984-1
  • HS-No:31022100
Specification category:

Product NO.

Product Name specifications
1.06005.020 Ammonium sulfate AR500g
1.06005.030 Ammonium sulfate CP500g
1.06005.040 Ammonium sulfate AR25kg
1.06005.050 Ammonium sulfate CP25kg
1.06005.060 Ammonium sulfate CP30kg
1.06005.090 Ammonium sulfate AR25㎏ /Paper Sack
1.06005.110 Ammonium sulfate AR25kg
1.06005.120 Ammonium sulfate AR25kg


Appearance and properties:The pure product is colorless rhombic system,industrial white to pale yellow crystals.
Relative density (water=1):1.77
Melting point(℃):140

Technical indicators:

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