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Bromocresol purpleCOA Report
  • CAS No.: 115-40-2
  • Molecular weight:540.24
  • Aliases:5,5'-Dibromo-o-cresolsulfonphthalein;Bromcresol purple sultone form
  • Molecular formula:C21H16Br2O5S
  • EC No.:204-087-8
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.28827.020 Bromocresol purple IND10g
Characteristic: Appearance and properties: reddish solid.
Melting point (℃): 245
Hazard characteristics:

Hazardous characteristics: flammable. Combustion of harmful gases. Health Hazards: Irritant to skin and eyes. Swallowed stimulate the digestive system. Environmental hazards: This substance may be hazardous to the environment. Explosion Hazards: Combustible.

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