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iso-Octane?COA Report
  • CAS No.:540-84-1
  • Molecular weight:114.26
  • Aliases:2-methylheptane
  • Molecular formula:CH3C(CH3)2CH2CH(CH3)CH3
  • EC No.:208-759-1
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.15011.013 iso-Octane / 2,2,4-三甲基戊烷 AR500mL
1.15011.043 iso-Octane / 2,2,4-三甲基戊烷 AR25L
Characteristic: Appearance and properties:Colorless liquid with gasoline.
Relative density: 0.6980
Melting point(℃): -109
Boiling point(℃): 117.6
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ketone, ether and chloroform.
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