Chemical Reagents
TrimethylammoniumCOA Report
  • CAS No.:593-81-7
  • Molecular weight:95.57
  • Aliases:Trimethylamine hydrochloride
  • Molecular formula: C3H10ClN
  • EC No.:209-810-0
  • HS-No:29211100
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.20176.010 Methanamine CP100g
Characteristic: Appearance and properties: White monoclinic crystal. Deliquescence. Slight trimethylamine-like odor. Hygroscopic. pH: Not available Dynamic Viscosity: Not available Melting point(℃):283-284 Boiling point(℃): Not available Flash point (℃): Not available Upper explosive limit% (V / V): Not available Density: relative density (water = 1): Not available Relative vapor density (air = 1): Not available Ignition temperature (℃): Not available Lower explosive limit% (V / V): Not available Heat of combustion (kJ / mol): Not available Saturated vapor pressure (mm Hg): Not available Critical temperature (℃): Not available Critical pressure (MPa): Not available Hazard characteristics:

IATA-DGR No Dangerous Good

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