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Potassium stannate trihydrateCOA Report
  • CAS No.:12125-03-0
  • Molecular weight:298.95
  • Aliases:Potassium stannate trihydrate
  • Molecular formula:K2SnO3?3H2O
  • EC No.:234-721-9
Specification category:
Product No. Product name specifications
1.01736.010 Potassium stannate trihydrate Spec25kg/Drum
1.01736.040 Potassium stannate trihydrate AR25kg/Drum
Characteristic: Appearance and properties: White or light brown crystal powder.
Relative density: 3.197(water=1)(25℃)
Melting point(℃): 140
Solubility: Dissolve easily in water(1105 g/L,15℃). Its aqueous solution is alkaline. Insoluble in alcohol and acetone.
Technical indicators:
Item AR CP
Assay(K2SnO4·3H2O) ≥97.0% ≥96.0%
Insoluble matter in water Pass Pass
Free alkali(as KOH) ≤1.0% ≤1.5%
Chloride(Cl) ≤0.02% ≤0.04%
Iron(Fe) ≤0.005% ≤0.01%
Sodium(Na) ≤0.1% ≤0.15%
Heavy metals(as Pb) ≤0.005% ≤0.01%
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