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    Godiva Chocolate's Luxurious Difference

    Last updated 1 month ago

    For decades, Godiva chocolate has been a favorite around the world. This delicacy, which hails from Belgium, perfectly combines all the flavors that should be found in chocolate. Every bite of Godiva chocolate is better than the last. With a richness and complex combination of tastes, it is impossible not to find pleasure in every morsel. Check out this delicious video clip to learn more about what sets this chocolate apart.

    When it comes to delectable candy, notable wines, and flavorful foods, no one does it better than Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods. Whether you want to order Godiva chocolate as part of a gift basket or just for yourself, we have what you need. Call (281) 940-1649 to learn more.

    Your Checklist for Planning a Catered Business Lunch

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The next time you are planning a corporate activity that lasts through lunch, make sure you cater it. Bringing food to an event like this helps everyone come together and focus on the common goal. With the help of the right catering company and the following checklist, you can easily plan a business lunch.

    Choose Your Caterer

    Your catered lunch will be nowhere if you do not spend some time finding the right caterer. Look for a company that has a strong reputation throughout the area of delivering amazing food in a timely and efficient manner. Caterers should have a competent and helpful staff that allows you to perfectly execute your business lunch.

    Scope Out a Spot

    Your business lunch will not be as effective if you set it up in a cramped room where people cannot really eat comfortably. Find an area in the office that serves your needs before the caterers arrive. A conference room or a break room usually works well for your food serving needs since they already have surfaces on which to put the food and tables and chairs where people can sit to eat.

    Pick a Menu

    If you went with the right catering company, they will have a lot of different menu options from which to choose. Will your staff prefer to have individual boxes or to choose from a buffet? What kinds of sandwiches and salads should you include to really make the most of the gathering? Decide on these answers to make some food choices that really help your business lunch come together.

    Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods offers much more than the best selection of gift baskets in the Houston area. We also are one of the top catering companies in the city and can provide food and drinks for any kind of event you want to plan. Call (281) 940-1649 today to start brainstorming your catered business lunch.

    Don't Believe These Common Wine Pairing Myths

    Last updated 1 month ago

    A great bottle of wine can stand on its own, but a really great bottle of wine truly comes to life with the right food pairing. Contrary to popular belief, some of the most common wine pairings are actually myths. Keep reading to learn the truth about these falsities:

    You Should Not Drink Red with Fish

    Most people automatically opt for white wine when they are eating fish because they believe the myth that white is the only flavor that enhances the taste of seafood. The opposite is true, in fact, for certain kinds of fish. If you are opting for a blackened entrée, try a glass of Cabernet Franc or Sangiovese to see how the flavors come to life in a new way.

    Salad Dressing and Wine Do Not Mix

    Once again, this myth is keeping diners all over the world from experiencing a truly great glass of wine with the unique taste of salad dressing. You just have to pick the right kind of wine to complement your dressing. If you ordered a vinegar-based dressing, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio will pair with it beautifully. If you have a cream-based dressing, though, you should set your sights on a Chardonnay or Marsanne.

    Dessert Wines Complement Desserts

    Dessert wines do not actually get this title because they pair well with desserts. They are called such because they are sweet enough to stand on their own in place of a dessert. These sweet wines actually pair the best with dishes that are not sweet like cheese or smoked salmon.

    No matter how you want to pair wine and food, Leibman’s Wine & Find Foods has what you need to do it right. With our selection of wine, you can find the perfect bottle for a meal or for a gift basket. We also offer party catering services throughout the Houston area. To learn more or to place your order, call (281) 940-1649.

    What Makes Rooibos Tea So Special

    Last updated 2 months ago

    At Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods, we want you to have access to quality teas that are versatile enough to use all the time. Rooibos tea, which is one of our favorite varieties, is a delicious and healthy option for anyone. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this tea. 

    With a high amount of antioxidants, there are many nutritional benefits to drinking a warm cup of rooibos. This is a caffeine-free tea, which means you can enjoy it at any time of the day. Depending on its grade, rooibos tea can have a very strong or a subtle flavor.

    Order some rooibos tea from Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods today to experience these flavors for yourself. Whether you want to include it in a gift basket or keep it for yourself, there is always a time for rooibos tea. Visit us at our website or call (281) 940-1649 to learn more about our gift basket options. 

    Happy Valentine's Day from Leibman's Wine & Fine Foods

    Last updated 2 months ago

    With only three more shopping days left, Leibman's is your one stop shop for Romance.  

     Choose from a wide variety of candy, cards, gifts, and wine to make your love feel very special.   

    We have Chocolate Dipped Strawberries in store now and will even have roses available on Thursday and Friday.

                                                  Want to share a little quality time? 


    We are taking reservations for our English Tea.  Tea time is 2:30-5pm on Friday and Saturday.

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