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    What Makes Rooibos Tea So Special

    Last updated 8 months ago

    At Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods, we want you to have access to quality teas that are versatile enough to use all the time. Rooibos tea, which is one of our favorite varieties, is a delicious and healthy option for anyone. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this tea. 

    With a high amount of antioxidants, there are many nutritional benefits to drinking a warm cup of rooibos. This is a caffeine-free tea, which means you can enjoy it at any time of the day. Depending on its grade, rooibos tea can have a very strong or a subtle flavor.

    Order some rooibos tea from Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods today to experience these flavors for yourself. Whether you want to include it in a gift basket or keep it for yourself, there is always a time for rooibos tea. Visit us at our website or call (281) 493-3663 to learn more about our gift basket options. 

    Happy Valentine's Day from Leibman's Wine & Fine Foods

    Last updated 8 months ago

    With only three more shopping days left, Leibman's is your one stop shop for Romance.  

     Choose from a wide variety of candy, cards, gifts, and wine to make your love feel very special.   

    We have Chocolate Dipped Strawberries in store now and will even have roses available on Thursday and Friday.

                                                  Want to share a little quality time? 


    We are taking reservations for our English Tea.  Tea time is 2:30-5pm on Friday and Saturday.

    Wine as a Gift: How to Choose the Perfect Bottle for Someone Else

    Last updated 8 months ago

    A wine gift basket is a present that is both useful and personal, as long as you know how to choose wines that the recipient actually enjoys. If you are looking to give someone a gift they will love, the perfect bottle of wine will do wonders. Keep reading for tips on choosing wine for someone else.

    Base the Wine Selection on Their Favorite Foods

    Finding a wine to pair with food makes it easier to narrow the selection and choose something great. Wines with 13 percent alcohol by volume ranges are usually the best to use with food. Anything above that percentage might have too much alcohol to really complement the taste of the food.

    Know Your Price Range

    If you are buying wine for someone who likes to enjoy the occasional glass, there are some really great options under $30. If your friend or family member is a wine aficionado, though, you might want to search for bottles that are more in the $40-$50 range. If you want to go all out, buy a classic bottle for $50 to $100.

    Do Some Sleuthing

    People who prefer red wine do not usually like many whites and vice versa. If at all possible, pay attention to the kinds of wine that the gift recipient orders on a regular basis to get a better idea of the kinds of wine they favor. If you are going to make the effort to give wine as a gift, you might as well give the perfect wine as a gift.

    Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods has a great selection of wine and gift baskets to help you find the right gift for anyone in your life. We have everything from wine to corporate gift baskets. We are also one of the best catering companies in all of Houston. To learn more, call (281) 493-3663 today. 

    Exploring the Wines of Portugal

    Last updated 9 months ago

    One of the most exciting aspects of drinking wine is the variation in flavor in wines from different regions. Wines of Portugal bring distinctive pleasures to the palate that are not seen in wines from different areas. Read on to learn more about the wines from this part of the world and what makes them so special.

    Not All Portuguese Wine Is Port
    Although this small country made a name for itself with its full-flavored port, there are also different kinds of wine that leave the taste buds feeling great. Variations include dry red, white, and rose wines, as well as sparkling wine that is as fun to drink as it is delicious.

    Portugal Has New and Exciting Grapes
    Almost every grape used to create Portuguese wine grows in the country. Grapes like Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, and Baga are used to create uniquely delicious red wines. Although there is a lot of blending, it is also easy to find Portuguese wines that are made from a single grape. Each region of the country is known for a specific style of blending.

    You Can Clearly Tell when Portuguese Wine Is Authentic

    Any authentic wine from Portugal has a seal on the back label that gives information about the wine and where it was produced. As the 11th largest wine producer in the entire world, it is very important for Portuguese wine makers to prove that their wine is the real deal.

    Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods is proud to provide the Houston area with quality wines from around the world. We will soon carry Portuguese wine that you can buy for yourself or as part of a gift basket. We also have catering services to help you plan any kind of event. To learn more about our party catering or gift baskets, visit us on the Web or call (281) 493-3663.

    How to Pour the Perfect Glass of Wine

    Last updated 9 months ago

    When you are hosting guests in your home, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone has enough wine. If you have a lot of people over, the first fill should just be a few ounces. A last second twist of the bottle helps you avoid dripping. Do not wait until the glass is empty to pour more, though. This video will provide you with more tips on serving wine at home.

    Find wine for every occasion at Leibman’s Wine & Fine Foods. With our selection of quality bottles, it is easy for you to have the perfect bottle at all times. We also have gift baskets and offer party catering services. Call (281) 493-3663 to learn more. 

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